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Opening Up The Food Chain

Supporting businesses in introducing traceability solutions

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Empowering Identity

Advocating digital identity in agriculture

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Equality Equality
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Working towards equality of access to technology, information, and support.

There is exceptional focus towards the advancement in agricultural technology at an enterprise level, which in many cases leaves little room for access to smaller rural farming communities..

In aiming our focus on solutions that are aimed at this majority of small farming communities and independent food businesses, we are able to develop infrastructure that can assist in bringing equality of access to these rural systems.


Working collaboratively towards a more sustainable future is our primary focus. Find out more about the UN SDGs here.


Whether its open source or open access, getting information and resources to all is of a primary concern in the work we do.


Data Privacy is a pressing factor as we get more and more connected each day. Read more about the EU GDPRs here.

Farming Community Development

Sustainability is closely tied to the environment, but it goes a lot deeper than that. There are countless additional social, economic, & nutritional challenges we also face. Our goal is to help foster a future that is void of these issues. Working towards global open access of information and a future where any farmer, or community, can gain access to the tools and resources required to build more sustainable circular systems.

Open Access Global Network

Without an understanding of business practices that are supporting a sustainable future, it is hard to make decisions that lean towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Our focus is on building a global network of businesses that support future sustainability, providing an open network to assist communities in reaching the information and advice they need through interaction with more sustainably focused sources.

Worldwide Information Distribution

If people don’t know, then people can’t act. The biggest factor in achieving a sustainable future, will be the distribution and understanding of information that can help us make more sustainable decisions within our daily lives. We aim to help disseminate this knowledge to build a future without borders on education or access to information, where transparency is the norm, and everyone understands the role they play.

Collaborative Project Development

Technology and software progress at exceptionally fast rates, and through working together with award winning developers, designers and companies, we aim to continue to push the boundaries of development. Creating innovative new applications and systems that build on the latest breakthrough tech, to develop easy-to-use, yet powerful solutions that can bring sustainability to all corners of the globe.

The challenges that smallholder farmers face are complex and vary greatly across different countries and by type of farmer. Identification, for individuals, assets, and equipment, cannot solve all of these challenges but can be a first step toward overcoming some critical barriers to achieve better development outcomes for smallholder farmers. In particular, inclusive, robust, and responsible digital ID systems can help smallholders overcome some of the barriers they face by
  • Increasing access to financial services
  • Increasing supply-chain traceability
  • Improving the delivery of goods and services
  • Empowering women
Traceability is the key to buyer confidence and transparent relationships with smallholders to achieve global food security. From the perspective of an agrarian society, smallholder farmers linked to buying stations can more effectively communicate harvest dates, location, and volume prior to transportation to buying stations or storage for pick up/purchase. An increased insight along the supply chain reveals any vulnerabilities, strengths, and areas for improvement. This data collected can help inform the decision-making process, program design, and how communities, companies, and consumers communicate with one another. The implementation of traceability systems can support
  • An increase in consumer confidence
  • Improvement of business functions (record keeping, inventory, forecasting, response)
  • Decreased waste, fraud, and abuse
  • Increased productivity, accountability, and the flow of information
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