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Thu Mar 11 2021



Sustainability in agriculture covers a lot more than simply environmental issues. We also put our focus towards the humanitarian challenges we face. Through building solutions that focus on the individual social, economic, and nutritional barriers that exist, we can develop a broader range of tools and resource that can incite sustainable development within local farming communities all around the world.


It’s this versatility and variability within our applications that we prefer to focus on. There is no silver bullet, and by understanding that each individual community, climate, environment, culture, or circumstance, requires and individual approach, we are enabled to build a more diverse selection of systems that can be transferred between various scenarios, allowing for improved efficiency in tackling challenges in different countries. A focus on MVP functionality, coupled with modular design, allows solid foundations within our systems, with the advantages of scalability and the scope for future custom development.




Although the climate and environment are the poster calls-to-arms within the sustainable debate, the underlying social, economic, equality, and nutrition challenges are just as important. We ensure we hold these at the forefront of the work we do. The more developed and secure a community is on a social and economic level, then the greater the resources and abilities there are to address the more prominent environmental challenges.

Through this community and infrastructure approach, we can build stronger bridges towards equality. From education and information access, right through to the development of circular economies, focusing on the development of sustainable farm and food businesses, at a grassroots level, not just at enterprise. Through supporting the growth of the millions of small farms around the world, we create the security at the bottom of the agriculture and food system, that can sustain longevity and success further up the ladder.


Enterprise applications built for multi-million-dollar business are essential requirements for 6% of the 570million farms around the world. We build for the other 535million.