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The team at Croply are dedicated to combating sustainable issues within local farming communities. Developing tools, systems, applications and education that can bring our farmers closer to forging self-sufficient circular systems through the use of technology and support.

Our work supports a focus on the UN's 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS


We work with farming communities, councils, governments, institutes & organizations to evaluate what solutions can be implemented to help solve various issues our local farmers face.

Using technology and application development to foster answers that support sustainable farming systems, community development and access to information and education.

Our Four focus projects include:

MARKT - An open access, online marketplace and social network for farmers to manage and sell produce direct to their customers. Built using Laravel, Bootstrap & MySQL DB systems.

CASH - Open access accounting & invoicing system to support farmers with their financials and economic stability. Built using Laravel & MySQL DB systems using open source Crater Software.

PUR - Free to use global directory of sustainable businesses operating in line with the UN's 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. Built using Laravel, Bootstrap & MySQL DB systems.

TAP-IN/TRACE - Collaborative traceability, ERP and Information distribution system using NFC/QR technology connected to Blockchain DB systems. Built using Laravel, Bootstrap, BigchainDB.


Build for change, and not for reward.

Founded by Adam Eunson, Croply has one purpose, to help develop sustainable farming communities around the world. Aiding the support of information and systems that can foster the solutions to the environmental, socio-economic and nutritional issues we all face.

With a strong background in food-led business, software development and community farming systems, the team at Croply combine knowledge, experience, historical data and research, to innovate new ideas and applications of technology that can generate answers to the questions.

All projects Croply engage in focus on open access systems, sharing of knowledge and information. Giving any farmer, anywhere in the world the opportunity to use our software.

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Our work is only possible through the continued support of caring people, organisations and institutions. Through working together we can continue to develop sustainable solutions, and hopefully build stronger local farming communities and a more sustainable future for all.