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Developing Sustainability in Agriculture

Building technology solutions that bring equality to rural agriculture

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Farm-to-Fork Traceability

Access track & trace solutions for independent farm and food businesses

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Decentralized Digital Identity in Agriculture

Promoting the deployment of self-sovereign solutions for farm & food businesses

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Helping Develop Sustainable Solutions in Agriculture

Working with individuals, businesses, organisations, and institutions to build a stronger global farming community.

Our goal is to help create sustainable solutions through the development of accessible systems and cloud based applications that can provide open access to tools and resources for the global farming community.


Investigating historical and recent data and technology to foster sustainable solutions that are suited to individual systems.


Building accessible applications and software systems that can help develop stronger, more sustainable farming communities.


Assisting businesses and individuals with the implementation and transitioning of new technologies and data systems.


Developing sensor based networks and systems that can bring efficiency and insight towards future sustainable business practices.


Connecting agriculture and food businesses to secure and accessible storage solutions, for safe and efficient data distribution.


Helping to decentralize systems for a more transparent and secure information distribution network for food and farm businesses.

Simple Software, Serious Solutions.

Developing sustainable solutions with accessible technology and software development.

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